Posty Run Mobile Game


Dec '22 - Mar '23


UX Designer + Developer

Posty Run Mobile App


The Posty Run team strives to deliver an app that entertains and brings enjoyment to users.


Create a delightful mobile app for the Posty Run team that offers a fun escape from reality.


Interviews, wireframes, prototypes, usability testing, and iteration are essential steps in the design process.


Posty Run Mobile App

ideate & research

Through interviews and empathy maps, I gained insights about the vintage gamers I design for and their needs. Research confirmed our assumption about the Posty Run team and uncovered additional challenges faced by this user group. Apart from needing a functioning game, they also struggle with controlling characters, balancing fun without feeling overwhelmed, and seeking an easy way to enjoy themselves.

wireframe & prototype

By dedicating time to sketching out various versions of each app screen on paper, I guaranteed that the elements eventually included in the digital wireframes would effectively target user frustrations. When designing the game page, I placed emphasis on achieving a vintage aesthetic for the gameplay. Throughout the early design process, I consistently incorporated user feedback and insights gathered from research to guide my design decisions.

Posty Run Mobile App Posty Run Mobile App

design & refine

Based on usability studies, I made improvements to the initial designs, including adding a top three leaderboard and streamlining the display of relevant information in the Mobile App. The final high-fidelity prototype showcased improved user flows for changing leaderboard names and better accessibility for navigation, meeting the users' needs.