1 Off Exotics Branding


Nov '20 - Nov '20


Logo + Identity Designer

1 Off Exotics Identity


1 Off Exotics's team faces unique challenges in that they need to effectively convey their value through their image but appeal to a tight market.


Create an exclusive, exciting, and enticing team identity for 1 Off Exotics that evokes a feeling of urgency, wealth, and exclusivity.


Competitive audits, research, sketches, and iteration are essential steps that were taken in the design process.


1 Off Exotics Identity


1 Off Exotics is a high-end supercar dealer subset and lifestyle brand in South Beach, Miami, Florida. Run by a secretive mogul and car enthusiasts, 1 Off Exotics has become a sought-after brand in the wealth-focused city Miami. Every supercar enthusiast wants to be part of the 1 Off lifestyle, but very few actually get to.

competitive audit

A competitive audit allowed me to gain insights into the branding strategies of similar high-end dealerships operating in similar markets. I found that similar dealers in Miami typically use dark and cold color palettes, incorporate a lot of handmade imagery and elements into their logos, and employ extravagant typography.

1 Off Exotics Identity 1 Off Exotics Identity

design & refine

The logomark includes a figure-ground design of the negative of a "1" inside of the letter "O" for 1 Off. Similar to their competitors, we went with an extravagant handmade typeface to convey customness and wealth. However, the color palette changes up a little in that gold is used as opposed to the colder colors used by competitors to reinforce exclusivity.