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Hi, I'm Cory.

I’m a UX Designer and Directing Designer with almost two decades of experience in crafting exceptional user experiences. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of having my work reach millions of users through collaborations I was lucky enough to take part in.

My passion lies in creating products and services that are not just functional but also educational and entertaining. I firmly believe that life should be filled with joy and fun, and I'm dedicated to making that a reality for people through my work. Whether it's designing a mobile game, writing a book, or building a piece of furniture, I thrive on the creative process of bringing ideas to life.

My mission as a UX designer is simple: to make things that enhance people's lives, making them better, easier, and more enjoyable. I'm driven by the desire to transform concepts into tangible, user-centric solutions that leave a positive impact.


Graphic Design Program

Florida Atlantic University


UX Design Professional Certificate



Adobe CC (Ai Id Ps Ae Xd)



CSS3 + HTML5 + jQuery

Google Docs Editors

Microsoft Office

Apple iWork Suite


User Experience

User Interface

Branding + Identity

Creative Direction


Concept Development

Creative Strategy

Creative Communication