Inlet Vibes Responsive Web Store


Sep '21 - Oct '21


UX Designer + Identity Designer

Inlet Vibes Website


The Inlet Vibes team strives to offer an online sales solution for their customers, facing challenges along the way.


Help the Inlet Vibes team build a website with an online shop that converts customers.


Interviews, wireframes, prototypes, usability testing, and iteration are essential steps in the design process.


Inlet Vibes Website

ideate & research

Through interviews and empathy mapping, I gained insights into the needs of the users I'm designing for: water sport enthusiasts. These findings confirmed our assumptions about the Inlet Vibes team and revealed that an online store alone did not address all their concerns. Users also faced challenges with navigating through numerous products, finding specific items, and having a convenient purchasing process.

wireframe & prototype

By dedicating time to sketching multiple versions of each app screen on paper, we ensured that the digital wireframes would effectively address user pain points. For the product page, I focused on implementing a real-time style builder. Throughout the design process, I consistently incorporated feedback and insights gathered from user research.

Inlet Vibes Website Inlet Vibes Website

design & refine

Incorporating user feedback from usability studies, I enhanced the initial designs to offer a more customized experience. I introduced various shirt styles to cater to individual preferences. Additionally, I made changes to ensure that users are presented with only the most relevant information upon first visiting the website. The final high-fidelity prototype not only streamlined the user journey for discovering products and completing checkout but also addressed the accessibility requirements of users.