Equestrian Boutique Branding


Aug '18 - Sep '18


Logo + Identity Designer

Equestrian Boutique Shop Identity


Equestrian Boutique's team faces challenges in effectively conveying their values through their image, but they remain dedicated to finding a solution.


Create a captivating, trustworthy team identity for Equestrian Boutique that evokes a posh, delightful, and authentic shopping experience.


Competitive audits, research, sketches, and iteration are essential steps that were taken in the design process.


Equestrian Boutique Shop Identity


Equestrian Boutique is a mobile haven for equestrian enthusiasts, nestled in Wellington, Florida, the world's equestrian capital. Equestrian Boutique offers a curated selection of premium riding apparel, accessories, and gear for riders of all levels. Equestrian Boutique is passionate about blending style with functionality to enhance the equestrian experience.

competitive audit

I conducted a competitive audit to gain insights into similar equestrian shops. This helps me understand trends, ensure differentiation, and create a distinctive brand identity for Equestrian Boutique. I found that many competitors in this niche use elegant, serif-type typography, earthy and muted color palettes, and feature imagery that highlights the grace and power of horses.

Equestrian Boutique Shop Identity Equestrian Boutique Shop Identity

design & refine

I opted for a simplistic horse head in the logomark to convey the essence of the equestrian world with timeless elegance. To differentiate the brand, I chose a bright teal color palette, symbolizing freshness and modernity, while still maintaining a sense of sophistication. This blend of classic imagery with a contemporary color scheme sets the company apart, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.