Totëm Surf Branding


May '19 - Jun '19


Logo + Identity Designer

Totëm Surf Shop Identity


Totëm's team faces challenges in effectively conveying their values through their image, but they remain dedicated to finding a solution.


Create a captivating, trustworthy team identity for Totëm that evokes a delightful and authentic shopping experience.


Competitive audits, research, sketches, and iteration are essential steps that were taken in the design process.


Totëm Surf Shop Identity


Totëm Surf Shop, affectionately known as Totëm by the locals, is a beloved establishment nestled along the pristine shores of Saint Barth in the French West Indies. Run by a passionate group of surfers and water enthusiasts, Totëm has become an integral part of the island's surf culture and a cherished destination for both locals and tourists alike.

competitive audit

A competitive audit allowed me to gain insights into the branding strategies of similar surf shops and businesses operating in the same market segment. I found that similar surf shops in Saint Barth typically use vibrant tropical color palettes, incorporate surfing-related imagery and elements into their logos, and employ a mix of playful and clean typography.

Totëm Surf Shop Identity Totëm Surf Shop Identity

design & refine

The logomark includes a "surfer crossing" to capture the dynamic and adventurous spirit of surfing in Saint Barth. Contrasting the clean typography used by competitors, I opted for a more handmade logotype to convey a laid-back and authentic beach vibe, aligning Totëm with the natural and unspoiled beauty of the island while setting it apart from competitors.