Candid Coffee Identity


Nov '19 - Dec '19


Logo + Identity Designer

Candid Coffee Brand Identity


As a new mom-and-pop shop, Candid had to build an image that would convey their values and encourage the community to feel at home.


Create an inspiring, trendy yet timeless brand identity for Candid Coffee that evokes a delightful, authentic, and classic feeling.


Competitive audits, research, sketches, and iteration are essential steps that were taken in the design process.


Candid Coffee Brand Identity


Candid Coffee, newly adored by its South Florida locals, is an exciting new local family-owned coffee shop in the heart of Palm Beach County, Florida. Founded by a coffee-loving couple, Candid has started to become a staple for the coffee lovers of Wellington as well as the seasonal residents that need a fresh way to kick start their days.

competitive audit

A competitive audit allowed me to gain insights into the branding strategies of similar coffee shops and businesses operating in the same market segment. I found that similar cafes in South Florida typically use dark and natural color palettes, incorporate natural and minimal imagery and elements into their logos, and employ a mix of playful and clean typography.

Candid Coffee Brand Identity Candid Coffee Brand Identity

design & refine

The logomark includes a bean within the Candid "C" as a fun nod to the playful company's goals. Similar to their competitors, I went with a clean and playful custom typeface as the main logo type for the brand. Where we made the brand stand apart was maintaining the bright vintage beachy colors and more whimsical imagery.